Welcome to our FAQs page.

We hope you find the answer to your question below, but if you still need assistance you can contact us at resource@amamus.coffee and we will do our very best to help you. 


I'm not sure exactly what I want - can you help?

Of course!  We welcome enquiries by telephone or email so we can help you create your perfect coffee gift.

I'm working to tight deadlines, will your coffee reach my delegates in time?

We have quick turn-around times, typically a week to get your coffee roasted and dispatched.  We can also use whatever delivery option best suits your needs - either Royal Mail First Class Tracked or even a courier.  If you get in touch, we will provide costs for your preferred method.

I would like to include other items in the coffee gift - is this possible?

Yes of course - we have included documents, seeds and branded mugs supplied by clients.  Get in touch and we can discuss your ideas and postage and the packing requirements.

I don't have delivery addresses for the recipients as they are all working from home - can you help?

Yes, we have a Concierge Service where we create a branded hidden webpage with a secure form so you can send the URL to your delegates and they can enter their own preferences and delivery details.  We won't share any personal data with you but we will provide regular redemption reports so you can track who's redeemed what.  Personal data is only held for the purposes of delivering coffee gifts and is deleted 4 weeks after the activity.

Will my coffee gifts be branded to our company or yours?

Most of our clients request that their coffee gifts include their branding.  Usually this is printed on the label on the front of each coffee pack.  The amamus branding features on the back of pack with the coffee roast date.  We can find other branding opportunities should you wish - for example your logo etched to cafetieres.  Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.


What does Speciality Coffee mean?

Speciality coffee means that the coffee meets stringent quality standards, and  will score at least 80 points/100 when taste-tested by an expert Q-Grader who is accredited by the Speciality Coffee Association.

amamus is proud to be a member of the Speciality Coffee Association whose aim is to raise standards of coffee worldwide through a collaborative and progressive, sustainable and fair approach.

Is your coffee Fairtrade?

Fairtrade do some wonderful work in protecting the livelihoods of farmers and communities involved in the coffee industry, however we take this idea one step further. 
In buying Specialty grade coffee direct from farms or co-operatives we can be sure that our farmers are paid more than the Fairtrade price plus the coffee meets very strict standards for taste and quality - at least 80 points when evaluated by a Q Grader Coffee Professional.

Are your coffees 100% arabica beans?

Absolutely! Robusta beans cannot be classified as speciality coffee, so you can be confident that whenever you buy Speciality coffee, you are only ever buying 100% arabica beans. 

How should I store my coffee?

We would recommend you store your coffee in an air tight container. Despite reports of keeping your coffee in the fridge to retain the freshness, we would not advise this, as it can cause condensation which leaches the flavour and aroma from the beans.  

What is the best before date on your coffee? How long will it stay fresh?

We recommend consuming your beans within 6 weeks of roast date, which is printed on each pack. However you will still be able to enjoy them up to 3 months. If you have requested ground beans, we would recommend you consume them within 4 weeks to really enjoy the flavour and aroma of the coffee.

Which grind should I use for my brew method?

We recommend the following: 

  • Course grind is essential for a cafetière
  • Medium grind is perfect for drip or filter brew.
  • Fine grind is great for Espresso or AeroPress. 

If you would like any advice or further information on grind or extraction then please do send us an email and we’ll do our best to help.

Are your coffee bags recyclable?

Sustainability is a really big deal for us, so we have hunted high and low for suitable bags to send our coffee out in, and we think we have cracked it. Remove the tin tie and you have a bag that is 100% compostable. So you can pop it on your garden compost with your coffee grinds. 

I do not like the coffee I have received? What should I do?

We take every step to ensure the coffee we send out is perfect, however if you are not happy with the product you have received please email us at resource@amamus.coffee and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue.


We are an independent family run company founded by Tim and Binny Wookey who's purpose is to improve the livelihoods of coffee farmers and create joyful coffee experiences.

Our core business is supplying delicious Specialty grade coffee and precision coffee machines to values-led businesses.

We work to very stringent standards as evidenced by our B Corp certification.  We believe that profit can co-exist with creating positive outcomes for people and planet.  Indeed our purpose is legally enshrined in our Articles of Association that commit us to considering all stakeholders in every decision, not just the company shareholders.