Concierge Coffee Gift Service

With so many people working from home it may be that you don't have, or wish to hold, personal delivery details.

Or, you may not know whether your gift recipients would prefer tea or coffee and the blend or grind preference.  By responding to individual requests you can provide a truly personalised coffee gifting experience.

To help clients, we have created a Concierge Coffee Gifting Service that includes the following:

  • A bespoke hidden webpage, branded to your company, that is only accessible using a unique URL that your team can email to gift recipients
  • The page includes details of your event if applicable, gift options available, and the timescales for redemption
  • A secure web form embedded in the page, created to your specification, allows us to collect the delivery address and preferences eg. tea or coffee or a preferred flavour of biscotti
  • We ask you for a list of names of people you are expecting to redeem, which we use as a validation database to protect you from unauthorised redemptions
  • We provide a regular report so you can see what is being redeemed by who but we don't share any personal details - just names, dates and preferences
  • We only use the data we gather for the purposes of redeeming the gifts and delete all information from our servers 4 weeks after the activity closes

An example page can be viewed here

This Concierge Coffee Gifting Service has a one-off set-up cost of £60 but this cost may be waived with larger volumes of gifting activity. 

Lead time to have your page set-up and live is typically one week.

This service can only be booked via direct communication so please contact us to get your page set-up today